50 things that make me happy

I saw this over at Rattle the Stars and it was as if the post popped up in my WP Reader at just the right time in my life! I have been so stressed out lately and trying to manage a blip in my mental health — taking a pause to think about the little things that bring me joy was a really good exercise for me. So… here’s a list of 50 little things that make me happy!

    1. Rain
    2. The smell of books
    3. The sound of the ocean
    4. A light breeze on a sunny day
    5. Sunflowers
    6. Texts from friends just to say hello
    7. The thrill of meeting someone new who has similar interests
    8. The way my cat looks at me
    9. The night sky
    10. Painting (even though I am terrible at it)
    11. Hiking
    12. Cooking a new meal
    13. Board game nights
    14. Playing Town of Salem with Melanie
    15. The positive impact that my work has
    16. Going to museums
    17. Music
    18. Concerts
    19. The evening routine me and my cat have

20. Being in my 30s — best decade so far!
21. Travel
22. The friends I have made as an adult
23. Standing up for myself
24. Feeling passionate about things
25. Candles
26. Doing acts of kindness
27. Philanthropy
28. Reading
29. Adventuring around where I live
30. Running
31. Medals
32. Swedish meatballs (my grandmother’s recipe!)
33. My dad donating his hair to Locks of Love many times over
34. Classic rock of the 70s and 80s
35. The memory of seeing Blue Oyster Cult live and a guy in the front row held up a plush dinosaur during Godzilla
36. Burning incense
37. Laughing so hard that you pee a little
38. Drunken heart-to-heart conversations
39. Singing karaoke (fun fact, before I moved away from San Diego I used to go to a local karaoke dive bar at least 4-5 days a week. CH was my Cheers.)
40. Talking about books
41. Buddy reading books
42. The number 42
43. Wine
44. Renaissance fairs
45. Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd
46. Coheed and Cambria and their concept albums. (I am seeing them again on Thursday!!!!)
47. I saw Flogging Molly in 2003 in a small 200-person venue and met the band afterwards. That was by far the best gig I have ever been to.
48. Hiking in the rain
49. Yoga
50. Unicorns


That was a lot easier to do than I expected, and now my heart is full of such joy! I would love to see what little things make you happy, so feel free to do this tag if you are interested!


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42 thoughts on “50 things that make me happy

    1. Yeeh same, my 30s are good. In some ways better… But my 20s… Those were some crazy times! Pretty sure they win. Plus, being 20 is just better than being 30… It is…

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      1. I always thought my 30’s would be all Sex in the City 😂😂😂 It’s more like sleep in the country 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

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  1. This that make me happy:

    1.) this list
    2.) you

    (but real talk… the simple man answer really warmed my heart like no other!) I can’t wait for ToS with you tomorrow! *prays to the escort gods… wait* 💖xx

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  2. I like this idea, I try to remember what makes me happy I find it all too easy to get stuck in the humdrum of work-sleep-repeat that I don’t feel happy. Lots of things make me happy and I need to change my mindset somehow but it’s hard. Thinking about moving soon makes me happy and thinking positive thoughts. Reading, spending time with family, meditation. This made me happy 🙂

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  3. Aww, this is such a sweet post! I love the number 42, karaoke (even though I’m awful lol), anything to do with reading, sunflowers, the night sky, the sound of the ocean, and so many other things you listed! Lovely answers, doll! ❤

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  4. This list is making me smile a whole lot, what a positive, wonderful post to do, I love it so much ❤ feeling passionate about things and reading are some of my favorite things, too, they make me so, so happy ❤

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  5. So many people don’t seem to understand that they don’t need to have something to say to test/ message someone else. Sometimes just saying “hi” or “how’s it going” is enough. I like messaging random things to my friends 😀

    Loved this post overall 🙂

    And rain is cool! As long as i don’t get caught in it, hehehe.

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    1. I definitely love getting a text message just to say hi, it just shows that they were thinking of you and it’s glorious. My best friend follows my blog and after this post went up she sent me a text that said “#6” and I cracked up laughing.

      I used to HATE being caught in the rain, but for some reason after hiking in the rain in Scotland I fell in love with it? I don’t even know how that happened but it makes me feel so free and alive. Thanks for commenting, Norrie!

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