SCAREtober’s here! (Oct 19-31)

SCAREtober Mascot
SCAREtober mascot, Sven

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… 13 Days of Halloween! This is when I curl up nightly with horror movies,start adventuring around my neighborhood to find awesomely decorated houses, and tell myself the spiderwebs on the ceiling are decorations. And now I get to add SCAREtober to the list!

SCAREtober is co-hosted by myself and Cassandra @ The Bibliophagist and runs from October 19th – October 31st. SCAREtober aims to celebrate the spooky and the various ways we bookish folk can get into the season with a Bingo game! Event details, rules, and prizes are below!

SCAREtober Bingo Card

The Rules can be found in the announcement post!

Click here for all of the event details!


And what would a game of Bingo be without prizes? INTERNATIONAL PRIZES!
There will be three different Rafflecopters (one for each prize):

Custom Halloween bookmarks

  1. A book of the winner’s choice from Book Depository ($15 USD, International as long as BD ships to you)
    Rafflecopter Link
  2. Two custom bookmarks made by Cassandra (will ship international): Rafflecopter Link
  3. A Steam key for the horror video game Soma: Rafflecopter Link

I love reading and this game definitely brings that love in with a spooky twist. Cassandra and I both hope that you will join us for this fun little game!

What are your plans for SCAREtober? Do you have a strategy for your Bingo card?


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Hi! I’m Kaleena: book lover, runner, wanderer, and philanthropist. Life is an adventurous gift: through the outdoors and books. I run Reader Voracious Blog, where I post spoiler-free book reviews of science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, and mystery & thriller.

25 thoughts on “SCAREtober’s here! (Oct 19-31)

  1. That bingo card is amazing. Once again, all that you do and who you collab with is my bookish inspiration! I love the Halloween snack idea! Man, I’ve been MIA pretty much all month. Next year, I will plan ahead and be more on top of the season. As someone who is totally woke, PC, and amazing, do you think any blogging about Halloween isolates or makes anyone feel, ehhhh. Just curious! Not implying or saying anything either way ; ) You are just so on top of all of that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I am so glad you like the Bingo card & the prompts! Cassandra and I had a good time coming up with them!

      In regards to blogging about Halloween, I haven’t noticed anyone being vocal about it feeling isolating or exclusive. Then again I most have driven my content more on the spooky side of things for the most part, so if people like horror or mysteries then they can relate. I know what you mean though, because holidays are not globally accepted and you can easily & accidentally exclude a segment of your audience if you are not mindful of that. In my experience though, Halloween doesn’t seem to create a big divide!

      Liked by 1 person

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