Halloween in a Fictional World: Sunnydale

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, ghouls! 👻 🎃 🧛

Today’s the last day of Blogoween and to celebrate I am doing a fantastic prompt from Clo @ Book Dragons! You can find her prompt post here. I have had so much fun this month celebrating all things spooky & scary with you all! I hope you have a safe & haunting Halloween if you celebrate full of nothing but treats!

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Today’s Blogoween Prompt

Prompt Title:  Halloween in a Fictional World
Explanation: Pick any fictional world that you’d love to experience Halloween in.

Halloween in Sunnydale

It goes without saying that I absolutely love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Buffyverse, so it should come as a surprise to no one that the first fictional world that came to mind was Sunnydale!

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It’s true that for our Scoobies every day is a little bit like Halloween with the Hellmouth, vampires, and Big Bads always wreaking havoc. Sure, my desire to live in Sunnydale is probably informed a bit by my 17-plus year obsession with Spike (oh god I am having an existential crisis, season 7 premiered 15 years ago). But also the Halloween episodes are among my absolute favorite. So let’s rank the Halloween episodes in terms of which ones I would want to experience, shall we?

  1. “Fear Itself” (Season 4, Episode): This is one of my all-time favorite episodes of the entire series. It’s their first college party, but turns out the fraternity turned to the occult for decoration inspiration and the house begins to manifest everyone’s greatest fears. It’s an excellent episode that talks about those fears we all have about facing the unknown and has some hilarious moments.
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  2. “Halloween” (Season 2, Episode 6): Honestly I feel like I am going to be slaughtered for not ranking this as number 1 on my list, because honestly who wouldn’t want to spend Halloween in a world where you become your costume?! It is one of the most imaginative plots and something I think would be cool to experience, but I just want to be spooked, okay!? Send me to a haunted house that legit knows my fears! But I digress. This episode is fantastic and I enjoy the theme of trying to be someone you think someone else wants only to find out that they like you just the way you are. Awwww….
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  3. “All the Way” (Season 6, Episode 6): I’ll be honest and say that I am not a big fan of this episode mainly because I am not a fan of Dawn (although during my recent re-watch I started to feel a little for her after Xander talks to her at the end of “Potential”). However, I do like the whole urban legend kind of component with the old guy, and Xander talking like a pirate is just plain old enjoyable.
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I like the cut of your jib, readerSo there you have it… I would rather be terrified by a sentient house than turn into something awesome based on my costume. Knowing my luck, I would wind up like Willow did anyways…

I hope that you have a safe and fun Halloween if you celebrate, and a fantastic Wednesday if you don’t! May your day be full of spooky tales and laughter.

I like the cut of your jib, reader. Did you dress up for Halloween? I did and happily sitting at work in my flapper costume with a bowl of candy (if anyone bookish asks, it’s Great Gatsby inspired). For the last 2 hours of the workday our colleagues will bring in their kids to Trick or Treat around the office, and that is just adorable. Best day of the year, folks.

Which fictional world would you want to spend Halloween in? If you are a Buffy fan, what do you think of my ranking of Halloween episodes?


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18 thoughts on “Halloween in a Fictional World: Sunnydale

  1. hahahaha Kaleena I can feel a slight obssession here LOL But yes your choice seems amazing! I posted this prompt yesterday and chose Throne of Glass world ;-)))

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  2. Halloween was my favorite Halloween episode but that could be my Spuffy heart speaking but seriously I loved how they turned into their costumes and had no idea who they were while Cordelia was being more reasonable than Buffy for once.

    Fear itself was awesome too. That gif makes me miss Oz *cries*. I love Xander’s reaction to Anya’s dress. I just didn’t like depressed Buffy.

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      1. Season 6 is still one of my favorites. We got so many Spuffy scenes AND I like how they tried to bring real issues to it like depression and addiction. Anya deserved better than Xander but I still wish they hadn’t broken them up.

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      2. Spuffy is love honestly, and season 6 DID bring Once More With Feeling. It was just so sad to see Buffy depressed and Anya’s arc breaks my heart. I really didn’t like her much as a teenager but she is prob one of my fave characters now.


  3. I loved buffy and they made a remake of Sabrina the teenage witch but it reminds me more of buffy…you may like it!

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