Running for Books in 2019

Fun fact about me: I used to be a runner until I was sidelined by a running injury back in November 2014 (another fun fact: I jokingly blame the injury on The Turkey Incident since that was my last painless run). Other than hiking, running is my favorite fitness activity in the world and it’s been sucky to not be able to run. I decided that this year I would stop being sorry for myself & work back up to running.

Sam and I discovered last month that we both wanted to train for a half marathon in 2019, and the wheels of my brain began to turn. What if we picked a race and did it together? What if I put together a “running club” for book lovers that provided people with tools, a community of support, and accountability? A few of my friends encouraged this idea and here we are… Running for Books!

This post is as much my personal training plan as it is an announcement to invite anyone interested to join me in this adventure. If you are interested in walking, hiking, or maybe even running this year and want a support system, then keep on reading – I would love to have you join us!

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