Outdoor Adventures: Hiking in Auburn

My blog’s tagline is “adventures in books and in nature,” and this year I wanted to add my non-bookish adventures to my corner of the internet! Welcome to my new semi-regular series called Outdoor Adventures, where I will highlight my hiking adventures as part of my accountability for my 2019 goals.

2019 was a rocky start for me as I got sick with the flu for nearly a week. Rude! This meant that I couldn’t get started on my health goals, but at least Mother Nature was like “I got you fam” and it rained a lot for several days. With the flu finally gone from my system, this weekend I decided to unplug from all socials and my blog and get outside.

⛰️ I headed out to Auburn for a casual hike. I didn’t charge my fitbit or even turn on my apps to track my mileage because for this particular adventure I just wanted to be fully present and not worry about pace, mileage, and elevation gain. It was beautiful and just what I needed. I seemed to be the only person on the trails.

I went there with the intention of doing a specific trail but I couldn’t find the trailhead so I wound up doing a different one. The wayfinding overall was quite good so I wasn’t concerned about getting lost but there are a lot of different trails that all overlap… it is possible I did a Frankenhike.

That’s all I have for you this time, but for future installments I plan on bringing a book with me so I can read among the trees. And of course I will show data for future adventures, because is it a Kal thing if she doesn’t quantify it with data?


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Hi! I’m Kaleena: book lover, runner, wanderer, and philanthropist. Life is an adventurous gift: through the outdoors and books. I run Reader Voracious Blog, where I post spoiler-free book reviews of science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction, and mystery & thriller.

46 thoughts on “Outdoor Adventures: Hiking in Auburn

  1. This time of the year is BRUTAL when it comes to the flu! I’m glad to see you’re feeling better, though. Not gonna lie, I snorted with laughter at “but at least Mother Nature was like “I got you fam” AND I’M STOKED MOTHER NATURE REALLY HAD YOUR BACK WITH THAT. Cheers, Mother Nature, you’re a real one. Anyways, I also laughed at Frankenhike and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m trying very hard not to call you Dr. Frankenhike right now so you’ll have to excuse me and my BS, I’m very sleep deprived, haha!


  2. ooooh those trails are gorgeous 😍 it’s somehow never crossed my mind to read among the trees (maybe because I’ve only gone hiking as a social activity, and it’s generally frowned upon to ignore your companions in favor of a book 😅) but it sounds like such a great idea!

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      1. We’ve got over 100 miles of trails locally, but they’re pretty much all paved bike trails. Which is cool, but not quite the same. Hiking is the best. ❤️

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  3. Firstly, I’m glad you are on the mend and that flu is gone. Being ill absolutely sucks, especially when we want to move but have to stay in bed instead.

    And yay to you featuring your outdoor adventures on your blog. I’m really looking forward to following them all along. I had to laugh about that trail finding experience as that’s something that happens to me all the time. I usually have a plan, then somehow get lost, and end up doing some completely random trail instead.

    By the way unplugging from the online world and having a book with you when the weather is warmer for some outdoor reading sounds like such a wonderful idea! Happy hiking (and reading)! 😊

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    1. Thank you so much, the flu was terrible and I am glad that it’s out of my system now.

      I SWEAR the trails are messed up! I did research on all trails before leaving the house and even got a trail map from the park ranger… and the trail listed online wasn’t on that map. But I was talking to my friend who has hiked there and she thinks the all trails hike is actually a different one… and had I gone right I would have found the waterfall I was looking for. :/ Regardless it was a great time!

      Yes, reading outside is wonderful and one of my favorite things to do! It’s been raining a lot (yay because we need it but WAH), so pretty much if it isn’t raining I want to be outside. Thanks so much for stopping by and I am glad you dig the new feature!

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  4. Oh wow Kal, this looks amazing! My surrondings is really just .. road, or just.. flat. I mean, it’s the Netherlands for christ sake :’) But I sometimes go to the south where there are a few hills and I just love to walk there the whole day and block everyone else out. I know that people say we were made to be social, but I just need some quiet sometimes ❤

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  5. Seeing those pictures makes me go a bit “I want to as wellll” but.. yeah.. not happening, haha. I can’t see how someone who’s eight months pregnant and has a weak ankle can succeed at doing a hike like that without issues occurring. 😛 Someday!

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      1. Exactly! And I read pee first instead of wee.. Which made me laugh out loud because imagine having to pee while eight months pregnant and being in the middle of nowhere.. I can only JUST get up on my own when I’m sat on a NORMAL toilet! xD

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  6. Lovely place! I wouldn’t mind having a hike there!
    We have some nice places not too far, but the BF doesn’t believe in “aimless walking in forests” and “but my knees” … so i guess i just have to convince someone else 😀

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  7. Beautiful, in a haunting, moody sense. I kept thinking you should bring along some Gothic novel or Wuthering Heights or something like that to read. I’m glad that you posted this and I’m glad that you’re feeling better.

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