I’m on an ARC Ban

Hi, my name is Kal and I have an ARC Problem. *Hi, Kal.* About two weeks ago, I put myself on an ARC Ban after I went a little download crazy on Edelweiss and added nine more ARCs to my already enormous pile. Because I have no self-control whatsoever. Literally, I think my words five minutes prior to the downloading spree were: “I am not going to accept any more 2019 ARCs.”

Last year, I implemented a rule that I would only request four ARCs per month to help balance my reading with my owned TBR (gotta give those backlist books some love!). This worked out really well for me for almost a year… until Slump of 2019. My reading this year is down, but that didn’t stop me from requesting/accepting/downloading ARCs. (This is the epitome of my aforementioned lack of self-control.) For my own mental well-being, I need to conquer ARC Mountain.

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