Making the Move from Paid WordPress to Self-Hosted

Welcome to my first of a four-part post series on my move from Paid Wordpress to Self-Hosted! These posts will discuss my lessons learned and tips you can use (even on Free Wordpress!) to improve your website.

Paid WP vs. Self-Hosted | How I Went Self-Hosted | Proper Use of Headers | SEO for Book Bloggers

At the end of June I made the scary leap to self-hosted for my blog, and I was surprised how easy moving to self-hosted from paid Wordpress was! I’d heard horror stories from friends who broke their site and spent weekends fixing it, which was the main reason I didn’t go self-hosted last year when I decided to buy a domain.

If you are a blogger considering making the move to self-hosted from Wordpress (either free or paid), this guide is for you! I will go over the actual steps I took, how long of a process it is, and a couple of things I’ve learned since. This is a long post, but it should answer all of your questions!

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