Proper Use of Headings for Book Bloggers

Welcome to my third in a four-part post series on my move from Paid Wordpress to Self-Hosted: Proper Use of Headings! This guide will cover what headings are, how they are used by search engines, and alternative ways of styling your posts if you are currently using headers.

Paid WP vs. Self-Hosted | How I Went Self-Hosted | Proper Use of Headings | SEO for Book Bloggers

This series discusses my lessons learned and tips you can use (even on Free Wordpress!) to improve your blog.

I know this likely seems like such a detour from the prior posts in this series. Originally this was going to be part of the SEO for Book Bloggers post, but it wound up being such a large section that I decided to break it out into it’s own post. This way, you can get your feet wet on a small thing th

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