Interview with Novel19 Debut Author Rosaria Munda of Fireborne, available NOW!

Welcome friends to my sixth author interview as a part of my Novel19 Class! This year I wanted to do something to help boost new author voices and stories, and this is a project that I am really excited about! For more information about my Novel19 Class and the other five books that I’ve chosen, please check out my announcement post.

“I hope it’s found by people who like books that ask questions. For me, the books in my youth stayed with me far longer than the others were the ones that broke my heart while leaving me thinking. Ender’s Game, The Once and Future King, Watchmen. If readers have a fraction of the feelings for Fireborne that I did for those books, I’ll feel like I’ve done my job.”

Today I am so excited to have Rosaria Munda on the blog to talk about her debut fantasy novel, Fireborne, which released into the wild yesterday! Read on to learn how political science courses helped shape this story, how studying the Latin language broke us, with some really amazing fan art as well!

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