YALLWEST goes Digital for 2020, April 25th & 26th!

Concerts, sporting events, and festivals of all shapes and sizes have been cancelled while COVID-19 ravages around the globe. Book festivals such as YALLWest and Book Con are among the countless events cancelled in 2020. The ripple effect of these closures are yet to be seen, but these events are among the only way for readers (who aren’t reviewers/content creators) to engage with authors and publishers. Book events like these and book tour stops are a vital way for authors to connect with readers and promote their upcoming work.

I was actually registered to attend both BookCon in NYC (with Kate @ Your Tita Kate) and YALLWest (with Dev @ Read by Dev). I’m not gonna lie, I am a bit sad to not be able to hang out with bookish friends but I am really happy that some events are being shifted into online models for 2020!

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