Book Releases You Might Have Missed Due to Quarantine (March-May)

The rapid spread of COVID-19 and quarantine efforts globally have greatly impacted many industries, but especially the publishing industry. It’s difficult enough in the best of times for authors to break through the midlist, especially debut and/or authors of color who often times do not get any marketing support from publishers. But throw a global pandemic into the mix and there’s a whole new array of barriers!

The publishing industry already releaseses so many new books every month that I will not have enough hours in my lifetime to read everything I want to *sob*. I’m worried the books released in the last couple of months that didn’t get delayed will be lost in the hubub when the industry picks up again and focuses on their upcoming releases. So I’ve put together a Big Anticipated Reads list with all of the books you may have missed during quarantine!

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