The End of the Year Book Tag: 2020 Edition

Yes, I made a gif of the season 7 finale of Last Week Tonight so I could
show 2020 being blown up.

I cannot be the only one excited that the end of this year is fucking nigh, right? From a global pandemic to natural disasters to civil unrest and police brutality, this year’s been difficult to say the least. I’m basically ready to kick 2020 to the curb, light it on fire, and arise from its ashes reborn tomorrow.

End of the Year 2018 End of the Year 2019

Due to my unannounced and unexpected hiatus (again), I haven’t been tagged this year for the End of the Year Book Tag by anyone…but I do what I want! This is one of my favorite posts to make every year, and honestly? I haven’t read in over 56 days and want to look back on when the reading slump wasn’t in my life.

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