28 New Books Hitting the Shelves in June 2021 | Anticipated Reads

It’s the most wonderful time of the month ๐ŸŽถ! That’s right, May is already basically over and this Tuesday ushers in a new month of releases you’ll be itching to add to your TBRs. And this month is a doozy with 28 books I want to highlight, many of which coming out on June 1 and many with amazing pre-order incentives that you still have time for.

You know how last month I said that May was the largest Anticipated Reads post? Well that title didn’t last long as it pales in comparison to June’s monster of a post. I swear the publishing gods keep raining down book-shaped blessings, and I’m not mad about it. Related: how do I remove the need to sleep so I can get in more reading time?

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