#Poeathon // Celebrate my birthday 🎂 with a group buddy read of Edgar Allan Poe!

Friends, I am so excited to share this with you and invite you to celebrate my birthday with me this weekend! Last August my dear friend Melanie hosted a big birthday buddy read, and that was such a fun experience for me so it’s been on my mind subconsciously for awhile but I honestly wasn’t planning on doing anything unless the right idea came along. And goodness, did it!

I was chatting with the wonderful Bex and for some reason I told her that I share my birthday with one of my favorite authors Edgar Allan Poe. (Hopefully I don’t end up dying destitute in a gutter.) We then got to talking about how much we adore Poe and how I haven’t cracked open my Complete Works for at least a decade…  And then I got an idea about how I wanted to share my birthday with my bookish family: the #poeathon!>

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His Hideous Heart Readalong: Voracious Book Club Pick for January

It’s my birthday month, and you know what that means… the third annual #poeathon! Each year for my birthday, I’ve hosted some kind of group reading event to celebrate my birthday (which I share with Poe), and this year it’s time to tackle the 2018 YA anthology His Hideous Heart.

[bctt tweet="Join the Voracious Book Club this January with the group readalong of His Hideous Heart, a YA anthology reimagining 13 Edgar Allan Poe stories!" username="kalventure"]

I fully intend to read these books in my reading chair, under my Raven litograph, and snuggled in my The Raven blanket in full Poe Hoe Glory. But you can join in without all the swag, promise!

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October Adventure Log: a month in review

Did October come and go like a fever dream for anyone else? I am so disappointed because I feel like I didn’t get to experience Spooky Season to its fullest potential.

The weather is finally beginning to cool a bit here in Southern California though, and the last week of October finally felt like Fall. It’s a shame that palm trees don’t change leaves, though!

But with a new month, it’s time to wrap-up everything October! My post format has changed a bit this month, so read on to hear all about what I read and hauled, and much more!

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Reading “The Raven” to you for my birthday

Greetings friends! Since today is my birthday (🎂 have some cake!), I felt like I should do something a little different for today’s post. I share my birthday with one of my favorite authors Edgar Allan Poe. (Hopefully, I don’t end up dying destitute in a gutter.)

Last year I hosted the #poeathon, but for this year I decided to be hella extra and read The Raven to all of you. Yes, you read that right. I am reading The Raven to you all today!

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