Interview with Novel19 Debut Author Liz Kerin of The Phantom Forest, available 7/16/19!

Welcome friends to my third author interview as a part of my Novel19 Class! This year I wanted to do something to help boost new author voices and stories, and this is a project that I am really excited about! For more information about my Novel19 Class and the other five books that I’ve chosen, please check out my announcement post.

“If you’re into epic journeys across fantastical lands, enemies-to-friends-to-something-more, and strong sibling relationships, this is a story for you! If I’m being honest, I wrote this for myself. I created a world I knew I would want to immerse myself in.”

Today I am so excited to have Liz Kerin on the blog to talk about her debut fantasy novel The Phantom Forest, which will be published by Inkshares on July 16, 2019! Keep reading to learn about how The Phantom Forest began as a 12-year old’s short story, Liz’s path to publication, and about our combined love of the Buffyverse.