The Marvelous Adventures of Gwendolyn Gray by B.A. Williamson

I was hooked with the opening and continued reading with fervor. This reminded me of the film Dark City, the writings of Michel Foucault, a bit of Pleasantville – all wrapped up in a fast paced read suitable for middle grade and young adult readers. This engaging story features a dystopian society that stifles imagination and creativity, and a strong female lead that dares to be different. Continue reading

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The Rending and the Nest by Kaethe Schwehn

5 stars, fantastic sci-fi and speculative fiction for the adult reader.

The Rending and the Nest is one of the most compelling, unique, sad, and hopeful books that I have read. At its core this is a character-driven book set in a post-apocalyptic setting, using that setting to delve into topics of community and the human condition… when everything we knew from before is left behind, how do we persevere? Continue reading

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