Project Backlist Reading Challenge: Tackling the Owned TBR in 2023 Reading the Shelves one book at a time...

2023 is the year that I finally get my owned TBR under control. Yes, you read that right: I am embarking on a year-long adventure to read more of what I own, and I’d love for you to join me in the Reader Voracious Project Backlist Reading Challenge!

For information about the challenge, check out the challenge announcement post! This page is a roster of 2023 participants and tracks my own personal progress.

2023 Project Backlist Reading Challenge Participants




Books Read


% Completed

My List of Owned Books (Physical) & Goal Progress


Books Owned


Books Read


Percentage Read

Last Updated December 23, 2022

Note: I am still in the process of filling in all book information and am preparing for an unhaul.

This endeavor has been more than a year in the making, inspired by the fact that I am nearly out of room on my WALL. OF. BOOKSHELVES. and don’t have additional space in my apartment for additional bookshelves. It was the push I needed to finally buckle down and get to work on the task at hand: read my books.

Since my book buying has been unhinged the past three years, I am embarking on a “Buy 1 New Book for every 3 Books Read” rule for the year. I’m going to be loose with it in that I don’t have to finish 3 books to place a preorder for an ARC I read and loved, but my goal is that come the end of the year the total number bought will be roughly a third of the total number of books that I read. That way my total owned percentage will still be higher even if I don’t read any of the new books that I read!

Project Backlist Participant Badge
2023 Project Backlist participant badge

I hope that the Project Backlist Reading Challenge inspires you to read the books you own or embark on whatever backlist journey is meaningful to you in 2023. Join the community and be sure to sign up for semi-regular updates, as well as badge reminders.

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