A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic #2) by V.E. Schwab

Holy hell did this book drag for me; I feel like I read about 350 pages of prologue sandwiched by a strong start and an action-packing cliffhanger ending. This book would have been a lot stronger with at least 200 pages cut from it, because not a whole lot happens.

Four months have passed since the end of A Darker Shade of Magic and I have to say that I loved the beginning! Honestly the first 100 pages that showed what Lila and Kell have been up to since parting ways was amazing, and I was so excited that my friends who said the series picks up in this installment were right. Alas, after the first 100 pages I found myself bored and disinterested with little desire to finish. The fact that I read this entire 508-page book in one day is a testament to the fact that I a) was hoping it would get better, and b) wanted to finish it as soon as possible so it wouldn't be an albatross around my neck. No such luck. I think the most infuriating thing is that I abandoned my TBR because I have had quite a few disappointing reads lately and wanted to read something I was sure to like. HAHAHA, Past Kaleena. Fun prank. Continue reading...

Reading Around the Globe: Inge in Belgium


Welcome to Reading Around the Globe, a series here on Reader Voracious Blog geared at fostering a culture of understanding in the bookish community about access to books in various countries around the world. Each post in the series highlights a full interview with one international reader. You can read more about this series here on the series master post.

  1. What is your name? Inge
  2. Blog URL? https://ofwonderland.com
  3. Twitter handle? @ingeswonderland
  4. Where do you live? Belgium Continue reading...

The End of the Year Book Tag: 2018

I cannot believe that there are only twenty-five days remaining in 2018! The year has flown by for me and I am really excited for a fresh start (this year has had the lowest of lows for me). But before I skip on into the new year, I wanted to do the end of the year book tag! Many thanks to Abmost Fiction and Destiny @ Howling Libraries for tagging me, we all know that I love a good reflection!

Are there any books you started this year that you need to finish?

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Winter Traveling Book Review: Ready Player One

Welcome friends to the announcement for the Winter Traveling Book Review! My copy of Cat's Cradle is currently on its way to Canada and enjoying its adventure for the Fall Traveling Book Review, but with a new season it is time to get a new book started!

In case you are new here, I started this feature primarily to select a book from my collection per season to go on a trip around the country (or world?!) to visit my favorite bloggers and have them share their thoughts about the book. Last time I chose one of my favorite books, but this time I wanted to pick one of the backlist titles on my shelf that I hadn't read yet. I set up a Twitter poll between five books that I shortlisted... and came up with a tie. Of course. So I broke the tie... what did I choose? Read on to find out!

Kingdom of Needle and Bone by Mira Grant

"Of such small moments are disasters made."

Friends, it pains me to say that this was just not the book for me. This is my first Mira Grant (Seanan McGuire) read and while I absolutely adored the plot, unfortunately the writing style and narrative voice just did not work for me. This is definitely a case of right book, wrong reader.

"Many of them would continue to leave their homes even as they began feeling unwell. The virus would spread. The virus always spreads."

Lisa Morris is an 8 year old girl on vacation in Florida. She is starting to feel a little sick, but it is their last day and she doesn't want to miss out on going to the amusement park for one last time. By the time she gets home to California, she's very sick and thanks to trams, rides, and airplane rides -- so are hundreds of others. Lisa's Patient Zero of the Morris Disease outbreak and the first casualty. The world is forever changed. Continue reading...