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Banner by Vicky Who Draws for Reader VoraciousThank you for visiting Reader Voracious and your interest in either submitting a review request or collaborating with me! As a skilled writer and marketing strategist, I am happy to discuss promotion and sponsorship opportunities that would be of interest to my audience.

I can be reached via email at hello [at] readervoracious [dot] com. Please do not send messages via my social accounts.

Review Requests

Reader Voracious is currently closed to new review requests.

Every book that I read is guaranteed to be reviewed on Goodreads and cross-posted to retail sites, with the possibility of a blog post review.

I cannot and do not promise positive reviews. In the event that I do not enjoy a book, my review will be critical but constructive. Reading is very subjective and just because I do not enjoy a book doesn’t mean that others will not as well. I make an effort to highlight positives about the book, be clear about the reasons why I didn’t enjoy it, and to the extent possible share who may enjoy it.

Submit a Request (closed)

  • Email hello @ readervoracious [dot] com with “Review Request” in the subject line.
  • In the body of the email, please include:
    • Title, Author, Genre for the book and a brief synopsis
    • Preferred posting timeline (such as within a month of publication date)
    • How you came across Reader Voracious

I am currently closed to review requests as I do not have the bandwidth to take on additional books for review.

Book Promotion

Reader Voracious is especially passionate about discussing and promoting diverse YA and Adult books. As a bookish influencer, I’m an active member of Book Twitter where I share reading threads, book photos, reviews, and discuss all things books with over 3,400 followers.

As a general rule, I do not participate in marketing ‘blitz’ campaigns. I prefer to create my own content for each post.

Contact me via email at hello @ readervoracious[dot]com to discuss collaboration opportunities and rates.

Author Interviews

The Reader Voracious audience loves to hear about books, inspiration, and writing process directly from the author!

Each interview is tailored to the author and book specifically, and I strive to dive deeper than the typical questions asked.

Interview Examples: Rosiee Thor, Thomas Welch, Marian Womack

Book Club & Readalongs

As the owner & host of a book club through my Discord server, I am open to collaboration opportunities with publishers for readalongs and/or book club picks. Contact me via email to discuss and receive my media kit.


With a combined audience of over 5,000, Reader Voracious has a great platform to reach new users with a giveaway. Contact me to discuss.

Sponsored Posts & Guides/Tutorials

One of my favorite things about my platform is sharing new resources and apps with readers. I love writing guides and tutorials, and my audience has come to associate me with them… earning me an award!

2020 Book Blogger Award: Most Helpful

If you have a product or service that would be a good fit for my audience, please send me an email to discuss sponsored post opportunities.

I reserve the right to decline partnership opportunities that are not a right fit for my audience.

Sponsored Post Examples: Bookly, PDF Element

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