My Love/Hate Relationship with Book Boxes

Book boxes have exploded in the bookish world, creating a vibrant market for special editions of books and merchandise for your favorite fandoms. From OwlCrate to Fairyloot and everything in-between, the market is saturated with options for every type of bibliophile. But what if I told you that despite buying the occasional book box, I kind of hate them?

This month’s Bookish Banter discussion is all about my love and hate relationship with book boxes, and dives into why I’m inevitably always disappointed yet continue to buy them on occasion. (I contain multitudes.)

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7 Perfect Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

I don’t know about you, but my family always struggles with what to get their not-so-little bookworm for the holidays. They never seem to know which books to buy me, or worse… I wind up with multiples of the same book. I thought I’d put together a list of perfect gift ideas for book lovers that goes beyond the book light, bookmarks, and candles which typically make up these kinds of lists (no shade).

2020 has flown by and while it feels rather early to think towards the holiday season, the pandemic and USPS delays have created a perfect storm. It’s more important than ever to shop early to ensure adequate stock and shipping time!

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