How to Refresh Evergreen Content for Book Bloggers | SEO Basics

Greetings friends, and welcome to another guide in my SEO Basics series! Today we’re talking about the importance of updating your old content instead of creating a new version of the post and how we can refresh evergreen content. In case you’re wondering: yes, this post was born out of my own experience and sheer horror at my 2018 spreadsheet template getting tons of views this January. Oops.

It’s well known that the subscriber base for book blogs is predominantly made up of other book bloggers. A side effect of tailoring content for other creators in your niche is a focus on how a post performs in the first few days because of how quickly a post goes stale in readers, rather than thinking about attracting new visitors to your blog through organic search. The purpose of Evergreen Content for Book Bloggers and today’s post is to help reframe how we relate to our content and encourage us all to look towards SEO and longevity rather than the short term for posts. So, let’s get started!

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Evergreen Content and Book Bloggers | SEO Basics

Greetings gentlefriends to the first Reader Voracious guide of 2021 – all about evergreen content and book bloggers. The book blogging niche is a quirky one and it’s no secret that a lot of “tried and true SEO ‘musts'” just don’t work for us due to the nature of our readership and content. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tweak these tools for our niche.

It’s been so long since I’ve released a new guide into the world and let me tell you… I finally feel like myself again. This post and its follow-up coming next month have been in my drafts for literally months. I’ve worked on them off and on as time allowed, but the scope kept growing exponentially as I have a lot of Opinions…. because today I am here in defense of the book review. Let’s get into it!

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