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Are you an international reviewer interested in getting your hands on physical copies of arcs?! Check out the list below and be sure to follow @FlappingPages on Twitter (and follow #FlappingPagesARCs) and sign up for the Flapping Pages Newsletter so you don’t miss when new ARCs become available!

Flapping Pages is currently on hiatus due to COVID19 as shipping is delayed internationally. We will be back as soon as possible to send these and many more ARCs to marginalized readers internationally!

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The above spreadsheet automatically refreshes when new books are added, so please take a peek and see if there’s something here for you! When looking at the ARCs available for request, please make note of the preferences: some are restricted to own-voices readers, teen readers, or interests. All are intended to be sent to international reviewers.

If there is a book listed that you are interested in reading and reviewing:

  1. Please complete the form below (or click here) for consideration. I will contact the selected ARC recipient to arrange details via email.. Note: if there are not sufficient requests for a title, we reserve the right to allow for more requests.
  2. If selected, please post your review of the ARC within 6 weeks of delivery and be sure to link back here so others can learn about the program!
    1. Don’t like the book? That’s okay! No book is right for everyone and we just ask that you be honest and constructive with your thoughts when writing a review.
  3. Once the book has made it internationally, it would be awesome if it could be passed on to other international bloggers after the selected recipient has had an opportunity to read the ARC! If you would like to pass the book on to another blogger, please reach out to me and I’ll list it for request and note any country/region preferences based on your location to help you find a reviewer.

Click here if you are having trouble with the embedded request form.

Flapping Pages feels strongly about getting ARCs to international, teen, & own-voices readers. It isn’t cheap to ship these books, but we feel it’s important.

If you want to help offset shipping costs, please consider supporting our ko-fi.

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  1. Shruvi @ Shamelessly Bookstruck

    March 7, 2021 at 12:27 AM

    The flapping pages ARCs is a great initiative. I’m from India and am new to the blogging community. Reader Voracious is definitely helpful and Kal has taken a lot of efforts to promote the avid readers and also the authors. I’m surely going to request ARCs through Flapping the pages. Thanks for the efforts, Kal.

    1. Kal

      March 12, 2021 at 3:35 PM

      Welcome to the book blogging community, Shruvi, and I am so honored & excited to hear that you’ve found my blog useful.

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