ARC Review: The God Game by Danny Tobey

I wish that I enjoyed this book more than I did, friends. Reading this book was a wild ride of emotions for me because I was interested in the story but also was disengaged from it. The book felt really long while reading it. By the time I was at 85%, I wanted to DNF the book but forced myself to finish since I was so close to the end. Part of me wanted to know. I wish I hadn’t. This book has no discernible meaning or purpose; it is just chaotic neutral.

“‘What you want, gentlemen and lady, is to play God! Turn social order upside down. Claim what should be yours. Go from duds to studs! And so I give you … the God Game!'”

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Adventure Log: December 2019 in Review

Happy 2020, friends! Welcome to my December 2019 wrap-up, and a bit of a branding tweak. I’ve changed my monthly recaps to Adventure Logs in keeping with my blog’s theme, which I fully intend on leaning into in 2020 & beyond!

December is a month where everyone reflects on the past eleven months (I originally typed ‘elven’ haha), looks forward to the new year, and scrambles to finish the goals they set for themselves. I was no exception. Overall, I am pretty proud of everything I accomplished in 2019, especially in light of everything going on IRL, even though I didn’t meet goals.

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ALC Review: Embrace Your Weird by Felicia Day

This f***ing book. I’m going to be honest: I got it solely because my love for Felicia Day knows no bounds. She’s one of my favorite people who has always given me the permission to be my own brand of weird… so I half read the title of the book and downloaded it. I didn’t even know it was centered on harnessing and unleashing creativity until I started listening to it. Oops? But you know how some books just sort of find you when you need them the most? Yea… this one has been added to that list.

“The heart of creativity is play.”

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2019 Adventure Log // My Year in Reading

Happy New Year & welcome to 2020, friends! I am so excited to kick 2019 – and by extension it’s terrible decade – to the curb and focus on the bright and shiny new year. Before we jump feet first into the Roaring 20s (hopefully without the economic crash), I wanted to look at my year in reading.


2019 Books in Review

My tradition is to set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at one book per week, which I completed at the end of July with The Merciful Crow.

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πŸ† Winners of the 2019 Bookish Reader’s Choice Awards!

What a journey the past six weeks or so has been, my friends! You’ve been nominating and voting for your favorite books of 2019 across fifty categories, and it is time to announce & celebrate the winners! πŸŽ‰ (But please scroll to the bottom for the announcement & feedback form!)

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The 2019 Bookish Reader’s Choice Winners

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 36 books have been crowned winners in the inaugural awards; congratulations to the authors and thank you everyone for participating!

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