Interview with Marian Womack, debut author of The Golden Key

Welcome friends to my post on Titan Books’ blog tour for Marian Womack’s The Golden Key, which is out now!

Part supernatural, part detective story with Gothic vibes? Yes please. This book screams my aesthetic, so I was really excited when Titan offered me a copy of this beautiful book for review. I won’t have the time to read it until at least April thanks to ARC Mountain, but I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Marian about this book!

[caption id="attachment_8557" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The Golden Key gifted copy and enamel pin The cover is so pretty in person – it has gold foiling! And Titan also sent me a lovely enamel pin that gives me art deco vibes for some reason.[/caption]

Read on to learn how Brexit helped to shape this story, an Ode to Gothic fiction, the importance of independent presses for marginalized voices, and much more!

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The Most Emotional Books I’ve Read

Patreon Adventures where the topic is decided by my Patrons over on Patreon. Once a month I add an extra post to my schedule, and it could be about anything.

It’s been awhile since the last Patreon Adventure and for that I am sorry! One of my biggest goals for 2020 is to remain committed to this particular series because it is so much fun to have some content driven by the people who visit!

This month we are talking about EMOTIONAL BOOKS. The books that made me FEEL ALL THE THINGS, both positive and negative! Many thanks to Destiny @ Howling Libraries for suggesting this post topic and to my patrons for casting your votes!

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December Book Haul // What is shelf control?

I know last week I said I was going to post December & January’s haul together. Well, I lied. The more that I thought about it, the less that I wanted to do that. So I decided to post another haul post this month to get caught up because my blog, my rules. (The fact that my January haul might be a little out of control definitely has nothing to do with this. Nope. Not one bit.)
As always, I want to reiterate that you do not need to buy and own a lot of books in order to be considered a book blogger or lover. I am quite frugal with everything else so that I can buy books because I love them, but I do not ever want to make you feel bad if you cannot afford to buy books or have poor access where you live.

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My Pondathon TBR & Sign-Up Post!

Friends, I am so incredibly excited because today marks the beginning of the Pondathon! I have a complicated relationship with TBRs, but considering I signed up for Team Varian (reading in different genres), I thought it would be beneficial to look through my books and choose an array of titles in different genres to choose from for maximum points.

Plus, I wanted to spread the word about this super unique, story-driven readathon that my dear buddies over at The Quiet Pond have put together. There’s still plenty of time to sign up and join the battle!

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