February Adventure Log | Month in Review

February sucked and I am not sorry to see it in the rear view mirror. From health issues to reading slumps to laptop repair needs, it feels like every aspect of my life took a hit and tested me last month.

As a result of everything going on in my life, I went on a bit of an unannounced hiatus for a large part of the month. I know it was (and kind of is right now) needed, but I’m still struggling with the guilt associated with it. Being Type A means that I set goals… for pretty much everything, and not meeting them is a failure. Trying to work with that rigidity is a struggle, my friends.

But let’s talk about the adventures experienced in February, shall we?

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January Adventure Log | Month in Review

Greetings friends, long time no see! I haven’t really posted over the last two weeks here on the blog and I apologize for the unplanned & unannounced hiatus. The truth is I had such a productive January in terms of reading and content that it was inevitable to have a massive sap to my mental health. And as if that downswing wasn’t bad enough, last week it was joined with a couple of hospital visits. (I’m ok & healing!)

But this is about January! My birthday month and the month that I unabashedly show my adoration for Edgar Allan Poe. And I also read a lot of books, so let’s jump into it.

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Adventure Log: December 2019 in Review

Happy 2020, friends! Welcome to my December 2019 wrap-up, and a bit of a branding tweak. I’ve changed my monthly recaps to Adventure Logs in keeping with my blog’s theme, which I fully intend on leaning into in 2020 & beyond!

December is a month where everyone reflects on the past eleven months (I originally typed ‘elven’ haha), looks forward to the new year, and scrambles to finish the goals they set for themselves. I was no exception. Overall, I am pretty proud of everything I accomplished in 2019, especially in light of everything going on IRL, even though I didn’t meet goals.

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2019 Adventure Log // My Year in Reading

Happy New Year & welcome to 2020, friends! I am so excited to kick 2019 – and by extension it’s terrible decade – to the curb and focus on the bright and shiny new year. Before we jump feet first into the Roaring 20s (hopefully without the economic crash), I wanted to look at my year in reading.


2019 Books in Review

My tradition is to set my Goodreads Reading Challenge at one book per week, which I completed at the end of July with The Merciful Crow.

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