March in Review // For REAL This Time

If you are one of the 36 people that saw the draft version of this post go up yesterday, April Fools, I guess? If that glaring mistake isn’t the most indicative representation of my life right now, I don’t know what is.

March was another difficult month for me professionally and personally, continuing the Reading Slump of Doom. I won’t be talking about this in detail, but I do want to share that almost two weeks ago I went on a medical leave of absence from work. Right now I am trying to focus on my health and getting better, which is why my blog hopping and replying to comments is slow and sporadic right now. I promise I will reply to all my comments as I am able and will do my best to hop as much as possible.

The good news is that I am finally reading a little bit! And even better, I am ENJOYING IT! Maybe the slump is coming to a close?

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February in Review

Thank goodness that February is over, friends. I don’t know about you all, but last month was garbage for me (and tbh 2019 is kind of a trash fire so far IRL). From never-ending work stress to a reading slump that just won’t quit, 2019 has been a weird year of just trying to make it work.

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Even though February was kind of meh, the bookish community always brings me so much joy! I am honestly so glad that I created my corner of the internet here, because it has proven to be the perfect outlet and distraction for me. But I kind of went a little overboard on book buying & pre-orders for retail therapy, so keep your eyeballs peeled for when I post my haul.

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January in Review

January is always a month that feels like it goes on forever, am I right? The past few days at work my colleague has been saying some iteration of “how is it still January,” and I am reminded how last January felt like 84 years.

This has been a good month for me overall, I am always fueled with positive energy into the New Year, and it doesn’t hurt that my birthday is in January. I have been actively working on bettering my mental health and splitting my time better between my hobbies and friends, and it’s been lovely getting out with my friends now and again! Continue reading

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December in Review // books, video games, & a whole lot of food

December was a whirlwind for me! I’m fortunate enough to work for a public university, which means that I only needed to use three vacation days to have a nice ten day vacation at the end of the year! I spent my time lounging around my dad’s house, eating food I didn’t have to cook, reading books, roasting Hallmark movies with my dad, and playing some video games. It was some much needed downtime for me and I came into 2019 restored and ready to take the world by storm!

I already wrapped up my favorite reads of 2018, and a couple on that list were read in December. I am still a bit behind on my WP Reader and blog hopping but I will be catching up this weekend so that I can get to my 2019 goal of keeping up with it daily! Let’s take one last look at 2018 through my December in Review and see what I read and played during the last month of the year.

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November in Review

I can’t believe that it is already December, November went by in such a blur. I had a decent reading month that was highlighted by the formation of the greatest SQUAD to ever be formed & updating my blog’s graphics! Please excuse the mess while I update old posts to match my new aesthetic, and while it is meant to be my winter theme… I don’t think I will be changing it again.

November was a month full of buddy reads and video games for me, but also a lot of sadness. My thoughts go out to everyone that was affected by the California wildfires. I am so thankful that both of the fires are fully contained and I hope that recovery for the region and those affected will be quick. Through the tragedy it has been truly inspiring to see the region come together and help one another. I was able to donate some needed supplies to the Camp Fire victims last weekend, and if you would like to help KQED has a list of charities that are accepting donations.

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