May & June Adventure Log // the world is a trashfire and I went on hiatus

The Adventure Log is my monthly wrap-up post!

Greetings friends, long time no see! It’s been over a month since I’ve sat down at my computer to write posts, read a book, or write a review. While the time away was absolutely crucial for me and my mental health, I missed it and all of you!

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2020 has been a trying year for everyone. I hope that each and every one of you are handling its challenges as best as you can. For me that unfortunately means stepping back from social media and focusing my limited energy for on the ground efforts and donating money to organizations.

To celebrate the end of my blogging hiatus, let’s briefly discuss May and June (spoiler alert: I haven’t read since June 5th).

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April Adventure Log // Excellent Books & Lots of Animal Crossing

The Adventure Log is my monthly wrap-up post!

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Another month has come and gone. Did April both speed by and last 84 years for anyone else? It was so weird because the first half of the month was over in the blink of an eye, but I feel like it’s been April 28th for 3 weeks.

The weather has been getting lovely here in San Diego, which makes being inside a bit more difficult. I’m sneaking away to the rooftop patio of my apartment building on occasion (mask on) to soak up some sun, which is nice.

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March Adventure Log | Month in Review

Well, March has been a wild month hasn’t it? My only solace is that I am not alone in my struggle. So many people around the world are experiencing the same fears and restrictions. I sincerely hope everyone is safe and healthy.

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My month was largely a wash because I struggle to focus when my anxiety is ramped so high, but let’s chat about the media I consumed in March.

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February Adventure Log | Month in Review

February sucked and I am not sorry to see it in the rear view mirror. From health issues to reading slumps to laptop repair needs, it feels like every aspect of my life took a hit and tested me last month.

As a result of everything going on in my life, I went on a bit of an unannounced hiatus for a large part of the month. I know it was (and kind of is right now) needed, but I’m still struggling with the guilt associated with it. Being Type A means that I set goals… for pretty much everything, and not meeting them is a failure. Trying to work with that rigidity is a struggle, my friends.

But let’s talk about the adventures experienced in February, shall we?

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January Adventure Log | Month in Review

Greetings friends, long time no see! I haven’t really posted over the last two weeks here on the blog and I apologize for the unplanned & unannounced hiatus. The truth is I had such a productive January in terms of reading and content that it was inevitable to have a massive sap to my mental health. And as if that downswing wasn’t bad enough, last week it was joined with a couple of hospital visits. (I’m ok & healing!)

But this is about January! My birthday month and the month that I unabashedly show my adoration for Edgar Allan Poe. And I also read a lot of books, so let’s jump into it.

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