14 Book Releases Hitting the Shelves in October 2020

It’s been a few months since I’ve done an Anticipated Reads list, and I have to admit that it’s nice to be back! However, before going through the upcoming releases on Edelweiss I only had two anticipated books for October… and now it’s 14. Oops. I personally look forward to buy ALL the books despite reading basically NONE of them. I am not responsible for overflowing TBRs as a result of this post.

Now more than ever, authors need our support as the publishing industry has been severely impacted by event and convention cancellations. If you see any books that look interesting, I encourage you to talk about them on your socials, add to Goodreads shelves, submit requests to your libraries if you have one, or buy if you’re financially able!

📝 In case you are wondering how I manage to keep track of upcoming releases and choose the books I’m excited to highlight monthly, check out my Edelweiss 2.0 Guide!

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ARC Review: Court of Lions (Mirage #2) by Somaiya Daud

With lush descriptions and poetic writing, Daud’s Mirage duology transports the reader into this own-voices Moroccan-inspired world. Court of Lions is a beautiful finale to a criminally underappreciated duology.

✨ You can read an excerpt over at Tor.com!

Words cannot express how excited I am to finally be back in this world!!! I adored Mirage and this finale to the duology was an emotional journey – for me as well as the characters!

“‘Our choices shape our destinies. You have a choice.'”

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A Giant Book Haul for Quarantine May-August & Unhauling some books

Long time no see, friends! My hiatus has extended further than anticipated, but the pile of new books has gotten so precarious that it’s time for me to get a book haul up. And everyone loves a good book haul! Plus, maybe this will motivate me to write the handful of reviews I’ve got backlogged… but considering this post took five days to write, I might need more time.

This haul is brought to you by series that began last year with sequels! Seriously… and because I have the memory of a goldfish and need to re-read everything, it will take some time to read all of these. *sobs*

I’m also selling some books I didn’t enjoy as much as I’d hoped. Since most of these are beloved books or signed, figured I’d include the unhaul at the bottom of this post.

As always, I want to reiterate that you do not need to buy and own a lot of books in order to be considered a book blogger or lover. I am quite frugal with everything else so that I can buy books because I love them, but I do not ever want to make you feel bad if you cannot afford to buy books or have poor access where you live.

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