Launch Day Event for Finale by Stephanie Garber

Book tour event for Finale by Stephanie Garber

Do you ever buy the whole book series because you are sure that you will love it but never get around to reading it? No? Just me? Okay then.

I have an embarrassing story to tell. I bought Caraval when it first came out because I had a feeling I would love it, but never got around to reading it. Last year I wound up pre-ordering a UK secret cover edition of Legendary because despite not reading the first book I just had a feeling in my bones I would love it. I think you see the pattern and can guess what happened with Finale.

Fast forward to Monday morning (yes, two days ago). I see Stephanie Garber’s tour schedule for at least the tenth time and finally saw that on release day she was going to be about an hour away from me. So I hatched a plan: read the first two books (totaling 839 pages) before 6 p.m. on Tuesday and drive to attend. So that is what I did, and I am here to tell you about it.

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Book Haul: March & April 2019

Book Haul March & April 2019

Welcome to two months worth of book haul, friends! Because of my hiatus last month, I didn’t get around to posting my March haul so I figured that I would just do a combined post. I’ve behaved quite well over the last couple of months, all of the books that I bought were pre-orders or from my Mysterious Galaxy YA Subscription! Another big theme is that I read most of them before buying them because I was fortunate enough to receive ARCs, and I was able to support a good number of debut authors. It is also nice to not add to my astronomical owned TBR!

As always, I want to reiterate that you do not need to buy and own a lot of books in order to be considered a book blogger or lover. I am quite frugal with everything else so that I can buy books because I love them, but I do not ever want to make you feel bad if you cannot afford to buy books or have poor access where you live.

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Aurora Rising (Aurora Cycle #1) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Aurora Rising ARC Review

Aurora Rising is a stellar start to another amazing adventure in space with Kaufman and Kristoff at the helm!

“If your squad was hard to find, or you’re still looking, then this one is for you.”

Friends, this book is such a damn treat that even the dedication has me weak in the knees. Aurora Rising is one of my most anticipated releases of 2019 and I nearly had a coronary when my request on NetGalley was approved. After fangirling over the Illuminae Files intensely, I had a lot of expectations for this book and I am happy to say that this was the fast-paced, character-driven adventure that I was looking for. This book has it all: political intrigue, an adventure through space, and a precious found family made up of a ragtag group of misfits.

“A billion stars are waiting to greet me […] For a brief second, all the Milky Way is silence.”

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Reading Around the Globe: Jen in Wales

“I would like to see more books by international authors. I just finished reading a book translated from Spanish by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (I’m a huge fan of his books). I wonder if language is also a barrier, we need more books translated into more languages so we can read them.”


Welcome to Reading Around the Globe, a series here on Reader Voracious Blog geared at fostering a culture of understanding in the bookish community about access to books in various countries around the world. Each post in the series highlights a full interview with one international reader. You can read more about this series here on the series master post.

  1. What is your name? Jen
  2. Where do you blog? Bookworm Jen Blog
  3. Twitter handle? @Jen_wales
  4. Where do you live? Wales
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April in Review // A Month of Slump and Meh

April 2019 in Review

Well, April was a month that had thirty days in it. I spent much of it not reading or working on my blog and decided to go on hiatus to focus on my health. I had a couple of good days and expected to be fully back to my five posts per week schedule come May, but if I am being honest I’m not ready. I’m still on leave from work and need to focus my energy on getting better for now; I hope you all understand!

Before I get into what I read last month, I want to express my eternal gratitude for this community! I have been overwhelmed with messages and well wishes, and it really means a lot to me. More than I can express right now.

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