Adventure Log: December 2019 in Review

Happy 2020, friends! Welcome to my December 2019 wrap-up, and a bit of a branding tweak. I’ve changed my monthly recaps to Adventure Logs in keeping with my blog’s theme, which I fully intend on leaning into in 2020 & beyond!

December is a month where everyone reflects on the past eleven months (I originally typed ‘elven’ haha), looks forward to the new year, and scrambles to finish the goals they set for themselves. I was no exception. Overall, I am pretty proud of everything I accomplished in 2019, especially in light of everything going on IRL, even though I didn’t meet goals.

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October in Review // A Month of Transition

Spooky Season may have come and gone, but ya girl embraces spooky 24/7! My month was a little intense with a reading slump that just won’t quit, relocating 600 miles (more about that in the personal update), and trying to find the energy to spend time with family and friends.

GDT: - Game 21: Sabres vs Penguins - 11/19 7pm ET (MSG-B ...

I watched a lot of slasher flicks as is my tradition for the month, as well as Hocus Pocus. My reading slump is really weird because I’ve been enjoying the books I am reading but just don’t have the desire to read. I’m working to accept that though.

I did manage to get some reading done… and actually cleared my current reading shelf on Goodreads, which at one point last month had six books on it and gave me literal anxiety.

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September in Review // It’s Finally Spooky Season!

Spooky Season is officially upon us and you now what that means: it’s finally October, which means my love affair with Halloween can now be blared from the rooftops without fear of judgement!

GDT: - Game 21: Sabres vs Penguins - 11/19 7pm ET (MSG-B ...

I think a big part of my reading slump is I’m currently a little burned out on science fiction & fantasy. 😭😭😭 Despite still not having conquered ARC Mountain (update further down in this post), I think I am going to abandon my TBR and cleanse my palate with some horror and mystery/thriller reads this month.


I read a total of 3,344 pages across 9 books in September. Definitely an improvement over last month, but the slump came back in the tail-end of the month… all but one of these books I read in the first half of the month.

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August in Review // The Month of Little Reading

I know that I say this every month, but wow time sure flew by in August! I genuinely think that the older you get the more fleeting time can be, and that is a bummer.

Personal & Patreon Update

August wasn’t a great month for me. A lot of change happened which may work out in the long-run but now just feels scary. I am still on medical leave from work and struggling daily with feelings of self-worth issues, guilt, and shame. It’s going on six months at this point and my recovery is slow.

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